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An amazing scrapbook containing miscellaneous ephemera, photographs, and original poem and songs created by James O. Harrison (born 1881), Carbondale, IL, Buffalo Soldier of the 25th Infantry Regiment, Company D. This scrapbook contains approximately 150 pages with over 60 pages of historical memorabilia. The Twenty-fifth United States Infantry Regiment was one of the esteemed African American units of the United States Army known as Buffalo Soldiers. The 25th served from 1866 to 1946, seeing action in the American Indian Wars, Spanish-American War, Philippine-American War and World War II. Mr. Harrison provides documentation and writings of his journey from 1907 through 1909. Mr. Harrison completed his service was honorably discharged on January 29, 1910 based on Ancestry website military records. The scrapbook includes four original photos: two Buffalo Soldiers in military bests, a photo picturing eight Buffalo Soldiers with a last name index, and a small photo of two caucasian soldiers who appear to be officers. Mr. Harrison enjoyed to write and produced one original poem regarding regimental Baseball, one alternate version of Casey at the Bat (Parker at the Bat), and two original songs, all produced during his approximate two year duty in the Philippines. He includes information regarding places he has visited including Philippines, Nagasaki Japan, and Seattle Washington (Ft. Lawton) Much of the information documents his “comings and goings” at these places, especially the Philippines and Seattle. A baseball fan, he includes many clippings and appears to have been a Detroit Tigers fan. Also a great article on a heroic Negro league player who broke his leg sliding into third and still made it to the home plate; a Chicago semi-pro negro team called the Leland Giants vs the Chicago Cubs. Mr. Harrison refers to himself as the “Prince of Poetry of Post of Parang PI Baseball League 25 US Infantry” and makes many notes throughout. A careful investigation would reveal much more as all the information is adhesed to the pages, over writing in some cases, either on the scrapbook or the back of the documents. As the 25th could sport a baseball team that beat white caucasian Major leaguers, you get a glimpse into Mr. Harrison’s circle as he documents some names in his poems and songs. Some of the players mentioned are Jasper (probably Jacques Jasper who played with Negro league Hall of Famer Joe “Bullet” Rogan on the 25th), Parker, Jackson, Mason and Heavy. I have been able to see some of the same last names in the book On the Trail of the Buffalo Soldier II . This gentleman was very Patriotic and has photo prints of Teddy Roosevelt and his four children; he writes out Theodore Roosevelt a couple times in the book.

The hardbound book with spine (but missing spine cover) measures approximately 13 x 8 1/4 x 7/8 inches and the pages are approximately 12 3/4 x 7 7/8 as bound. Condition is very good on some pages to poor on others as described. Please note that some pages are very brittle and changes in condition may occur after this is written and during any packaging and shipping. I have included a description of the information in the scrapbook. I have docmented what is written and have deciphered most of the writing. Grammatical errors have been maintained where applicable. Pages titled PICTURED are posted. If page has detached from binding it is described as such. First picture is a collage made by me based on the contents.

Inner – Signed James Harrison, Carbondale IL with letter to Miss Ruth Jorden, Kingfisher, Okla., Header of Parang, Mindanao, P.I. November 22nd 1908…P.S. Address me thus: James Harrison Co. “D” 25th Inf. Manila, P.I. On the back is written in pencil, “To mind your own bus” Full letter is typed as follows: “Parang, Mindanao, P.I. November 22nd 1908. Miss Ruth Jorden, Kingfisher, Okla. Dear Miss.Rutha,-Your surprising letter became mine two days ago dated Aug.28th .Delayed delayed delayed it must have been;-but after allit arrived safely and made your brother and me more than glad to hear drom you. We both are enjoying good health at the present time. and now if we ever be so lucky as to be togather again we can tell you many army stories or fairy tales about the far East. Dear Ruth,I think that Mr.Douglas might have received an answer earlier than that of mine.He is one of my Companymates. But dear One,I am obliged with such great love that I have for you, to forgive your delay in answering. Now excuse my letter for shortage of news. So that is all for this time.With much confidence hoping an early reply. I am as ever yours, James Harrison. P.S. Address me thus:James Harrison Co.”D” 25th Inf.Manila,P.I.”
Unnumbered Page – Blank.
Unnumbered Page – 2 James Harrison signatures, Harrison cardboard cut out, Parang Mind? PI? Year of 1909 August 18th
1 – 21 – Blank
22 – “Columbus Ohio Jan 29th year of 1908, To whom it may Concern Pvt James O Harrison, Co D the 25 USA Rgt of Mfg?, Enlisted Jan 29th – 07 and with good conduct and self behavior time will expire Jan 2 9th? Year of 1910, Pvt james Harrison Co D 25 Infantry, born year of 1881 Carbondale Ill, applies for enlistment Lynchburg Va Jan 22.d – 1907 sent to Columbus Ohio for training and received on the 29th Inst? Was kept at training station Until Feb 19 -07 and was sent to join his Rgt At Fort Reno Okhla station at Fort Reno until Aug 4 -07 and started for Sanfran Cisco Cal at San fran Cisco Aug 10th – 07 sale fo rthe Philipines Island on the same Inst 1.30 pm arrived Honolulu HT? 18 Inst stop over for two days and up to noon time 20 Ins and sail for Nagasaki Japan arrived at Port of Nagaski on the 5th? Of Sept-07 Sail fo rmanila. PI. on the 7 Inst Arrived Manila bay Manila. PI. On The 13 day of Sept. stop over for orders until the 14 Inst and sail for Lam bo ango.? Mind.? PI. Of the Southern Island arrived Lam bo ango? On the 16 Inst and sail for Parang Mind? On the same Inst arrived Prang on the 17 where we dis em barked and took Station for two years time will expire Sept 18th 1909”
23 – Blank, three newspaper cutouts: Detroit baseball, Detroit baseball October 12, Interleague Series Cubs-Sox Giants Red Sox, 2 tears
24 – 25 – PICTURED. Baseball cutouts, UP article Sports Cost 124 Lives in 1909, 18 players, 2 teams, 1 Spalding baseball advertisement, some names include Harry Lumley, “Indian” Jack Myers, Catcher, Covaleski, Philadelphia Nationals, “Iron Man Mc Ginnity, Captain Newark
26 -27 – 6 postcards – To Darling Baby, Floral “Greetings from Madison Ill. No 9.?”, No 262. Officer’s Residence Camp John Hay Benguet Island of Luzon Phillipines (RCA dog applies with handwriting Luet? Miller? 26 ILS Ifty?, Christian Church Jellico Tenn., Best Wishes, Union Station with writing on side Union Station Columbus Ohio. 13 cut outs of 21 caucasians including Santelmann, Jose, Helena, Jones (19 men, 2 women). Stamps – USA (2 Washington), Japan (10), Canada (1 Centanaire de Quebec), PI USA (PI 4 Centavos, Mckinley?), Japan (3), Japan (1), PI USA, Chinese (10), USA (1 Capt John Smith), Chinese (10), written notes of stamps and values. “A Seed of Mahogany” missing. Harrison writes “Two Cent and haf of Philippino Currency year of 1909″ – Missing. “No 1 piece of coin front side no 2 rear side place here by James Harrison Two cent …?” Missing.
28 – Large print “West Indian Girls”. Photo print of Bugle Squad Naval Training Station Norfolk (drum U.S.R.S. Franklin)
29 – Cut blank page. Approximately 2 inches remain.
30 – Cut page. 11 tobacco stickers (some are Jose Rizal, Manila Yeba, Manila American Belle) prices written, e.g. “price 10 ct”
31 – Manila Carnival print/broadside Feb 2nd to 9th 1909. Two tobacco stickers. Postcard – No. 256 Ice Plan Manila Philippines. 5 James Harrison signatures. One James signature. One James Harrison signature and “Co D? 25 US Infantry Panang xxxxx? PI Year of 1909 Aug 3d.” 1 ½ inch tear.
32 -35 – blank. Single page tears ranging form ¾ to 1 inch for pages 32-34. 3 inch horizontal tear below postcard on 35/36.
36 – Postcard – Pasig River Pasig P.I. “We near Pasig River Island of Luzon? P.I.” Postcard – Lucia Gate Manila P.I. “Gatewall. City. Manila PI” William T. Sherman Bust print. Forward Deck of U.S.S. Montana print.
37 – Caucasian in Asian dress print. Fort Sill Guard House Built by Soldiers 1870 print “Soldier mill fort Sill Okla”. I Heard a Soldier Poem “Soldier Boy”. Two Caucasian runners print (St. Yves defeating Maloney twenty-mile marathon Providence R.I.). Frank Mt. Pleasant, Captain of Dickinson College Football Team for 1909, Punting print. 37 and 38 are detached.
38 – PICTURED. Postcard – Santo Tomas Monument Manila. Decoration Day Memorial Service Notice Post Chapel Twenty-Fifth Infantry Parang Mindanao P.I. Sunday Morning May 31st 1908 9:00 o’clock “Parang Mindanao? PI”. Cut print of Pablo Ocampo De Leon The First Filipino who ever made a speech in the American Congress. Postcard – Lit. de la Concepcion Manila with applied cut out text Aguinaldo’s bodyguard, commanded by Major Alhambra, surrenders near Baler, Luzon. Felix Ullmann Watches and Jewelry Manila P.I. advertisement. Photo print cutout of Some of the Boys in the Naval Hospital at Bremerton Washington. 11 Caucasians and three African Americans. Detached.
39 – PICTURED. Easter Service Post of Parang, Mindanao, P.I. Sunday Morning April 11 1909 at 9:00 o’clock. Cut out text of Politics and Government American including Mckinley assassin’s trial. Sharpshooters Course record for 800, 1000, and 500 yards with scores. Text cutout recognizing Lincoln’s monument at Springfield, IL and September 28 – Captain Connell, the other officers, and 45 men of Company C, Ninth United States Infantry, are massacred by Filipino insurgents at Balangiga, Island of Simar. “Parang Mind P.I. June 2, 1909 A small piece of coin of Philippines currency James Harrison Co D 25th Infy” (coin missing but slight impression). Photo print cutout of Sky Pilots of Our Colored Troups (4 pictured African American Chaplains (Captain George W. Prioleau, 9th Cavalry; First-Lieutenant Oscar J.W. Scott, 25th Infantry; Major William T. Anderson, 10th Cavalry; First-Lieutenant W.W. Gladden, 24th Infantry.). Original cut photograph of two Caucasian officers? In full uniform measuring approximately 3 x 1 ¼ inches. January 2, 1909 cutout newspaper photo and article regarding Major Partello and the Sultan of Mindanao with applied text cut out stating …Forty -six men of Company E. Ninth United States Infantry, are attacked by 400 bolomen in the Island of Samar: 10 are killed and 6 wounded. Detached.
40 – Postcard – Fort Sreet Honolulu signed on front “James Harrison . Arrive Honolulu HI Aug 10th 1907 with additional text on front, “This have me well don’t write until I’m? write xx? Charles B. Jackson. Cutout of two Caucasian box ink drawings (instructional). Typed letter believed to be by James Harrison with heading Special and below “General Orders for Soldier when out guarding Prisoner” and below that, All Sentinels. All Sentinels. In Charge of Prisoners. Asentinel in charge of a prisoner at work will ot permit hin to smoke at any time. He will not permit him to receive anything from any one nor to take any thing into the Guard house unless it be some article they were sent for…Anything what ever found in the poecession of a prisoner will be turned over by the Sentiel to the Sergeant of the Guard…he willl not permit prisoners to ride on wagons at any time in going to and returning from work prisoners will be marched at attention in close order and at quick time…If a prisoner refuses to do his work properly he will be taken at once by the Sentinel to the Sergeant of the guard. And report the same …All sentinels who disobay this order will be purnish as the Court Martial may direct. Cutout newspaper print of “deco” looking nude Caucasian woman. Two baseball cutout photo prints – John J. Mcgraw Manager-Captain New Yorks, National League and James Collins, Manager-Captain Bostons, American League. Detached.
41 – Memorial Day Services Program for Twenty Fifth U.S. Infantry Parang, Mindanao. P.I. Sunday Morning May 30th 1909 Band Stand 10 o’clock, band songs included Departed Days, Twilight Dews, Missionary Marching, Auf Flugen Des Gesanges, and Heart Bow’d Down. 3 Military genre cardboard cutouts of Caucasian couples titled Tatoo, Taps, and Stack Arms (Harrison writes on the last “Ah Solid Heart”. One ink drawing print cutout of instructional boxing moves “Corbett and Parter Sanfran cisco Cal”. Poem “The Mother” clipping: They call him a hero; and tell How bravely and nobly he died; And bid me exult that he fell A soldier, his colors beside. And I, — I his mother, who see the wound and the head fever-tossed– Oh God! What are heroes to me? I want but the boy I have lost. Edwin L. Sabin. Detached.
42 – 1 Programme with remarks, music, and recitation, some of the presenters included Dr. A.W. Springs C.C., Thomas Starks, and Mrs. Nora Bridges. 1 Bill of Fare for the same programme with full course listed. Both have writing on other side which is somewhat distinguishable including lady’s names on one and what appears location on the other. Programme bottom reads Ham Smile and The Ham Smile appears on the back of the other. Two comedic romantic cutouts. Detached.
43 – Newspaper article titled Typhoon on Thirteenth is Cause of Sudden Repentance and Sheridan Brings Negro Troops for Duty Here. Discusses the Twenty-Fifth and their competence, arriving in Seattle, and the two years of duty at the islands. Mentions soldiers’ decisions to give up gambling after a vicious storm after the transport Sheridan was struck on the China Sea on September 13. Lists officers. note: this was Harrison’s return from Philippines and then he went on to Ft. Lawton in Seattle. His last scrapbook writing mentions this trip.
44 – 46 – Blank
47 – PICTURED. Two original photographs. Harrison writes “John Walker Member of Co D 25? Infy USA Fort Lawton Wash” 3 ½ x 2 ½. Harrison writes “Daniel Thompson Rgt? Co D 26 Infy Fort Reno Okla May 16th 1907” 3 ½ x 1 1/8. Hole and 1 inch vertical tear on bottom.
48 – 3 postcards with written notes to book. At Camp Overton Mindanao P.I. “Bamboo Bridge at Camp Overton Mindanao PI May 16th 1909. Bridge Rebuilt at Pantar, Mindanao P.I. “Pantar Bridge near Cottobato Mindanao .P.I. April 20th – 08. Drying Hemp at Massis Leyte, P.I. “Drying hemp at Massis.Leyte. Island..P.I.” “Native climbing a coconut tree Dec 8 – 1908”.
49 – 2 Postcards. Missing middle postcard but written note. Postigo Gate Manila P.I. “Gate Manila .PI. Wall City year 1909. Missing note – “Gate Holo? Mind Year 1909”. Scene in the Botanical Garden Manila P.I. “Botanical garden Manila .PI. Year of 1909 March 12th.
50 – Cutout photo print – (Third Prize $2.) Daughters of the Red Men on the Stage-Group of Indian Chorus Girls (Squaws with Papooses) who took part in a comic opera given by the students of the Carlisle, PA., Indian School
51 – Blank. Loose newspaper clipping. Headings include, “Negroes of the 25th Infantry After Debarking from Transport Sheridan. Sheridan Brings Negro Troops for Duty Here. First U.S. Transport to Carry Regiment to the Sound. Runs into a Typhoon. Bucks the Fog Up the Sound and Soldiers Get a Rousing Welcome-Commandant Says Twenty-fifth Infantry Is Fine Body of Men. Two photos in article of soldiers. Vertical tears on bottom.” Appears to be Seattle newspaper and reports on return from two years in Philippines.
52 – Blank
53 – Blank. Detached and connected to 54-56. Most of bottom third page torn out (opposite side is 54).
54 – One restaurant business like card The Art Saloon & Café. One program for the Grand Opera House, Seattle, week of December 19. Two acts including Burlesque-Chorus Girl and Man in the Moon, Jack of Hearts’ solo, and 24 others. Harrison writes, “I wont have…” and on the bottom “u ware a star?” One trade in card Claret Punch, 5 Cents per Glass.
55 – Missing paper and tears on about upper third of upper right. Harrison writing for missing postcard, “Parang Mind year of 1909 Street Scene near the Post Office”. Ghost image of what appears to be women and two men. Loose business like card Yotaro Shida, European Cold and Hot Baths First Class Restaurant No. 92, Motoshikkuimachi, Nagasaki.
56 – One business card for Rev. W.T. Osborne, Pastor, A.M.E. Church 1522 14th Avenue. One postcard A Butcher with dead cat comedic card. One Horace T. Gee business card. One restaurant business like card The Art Saloon & Café. One restaurant business like card The Tivoli Bar Owen Fisher, Prop. (very young looking Caucasian) Johnnie Green Mgr. Pool Billiards, and Café in Connection Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars 615 Weller St., Seattle, Wash.
57 – Blank
58 – One seaside photo print of Caucasian men shopping for what appears to be large shells with natives, probably Philippines. One photo print of Teddy Roosevelt with Harrison’s writing in pencil “e Roosevelt” and in pen “1901” and “1909” (note: engraving covers what is probably Theodore). Tissued covered engraving of Robt Burns engraved by H.B. Hall Jr. (note: ink writing on the back, appears to be by Harrison, of this engraving which is probably from a book).
59 – Two postcards – Luau, Hawaiian Feast and Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Honolulu. Two photo print cutouts of President’s wives, Letitia Tyler and Sarah (Childress) Polk. 1 inch tear lower right third.
60 – PICTURED. One newspaper cutout, Sidelights On, baseball tidbits including Cobb, Jones, Mullin. Two Seattle Electric Co. – Transfer Tickets Ft. Lawton Line, one punched Sept. 4, PM, South, Pike St. and the other the same accept punch falls on both the 3rd and the 4th. One 5 cent admission to the Circuit Theatre.
61 – PICTURED. One newspaper clipping titled Gamest Thing in Baseball with subheading titled Chicago Negro Tries to Score From Third Base on Broken Leg, documents game between Chicago Cubs and the Leland Giants, a “colored” Chicago area semi-pro team. Joe Green broke his leg sliding into third as the ball went over the 3rd baseman’s head. Green still ran home even though you could hear the break. Articles last sentence states, “He had given his white brethren an example that made him universally respected as a ball player.” (note: possible origin is Chicago Defender). One newspaper clipping of World Series averages with Wagner, Bush, and Jones at the top 3. One newspaper clipping of printed photos of Detroit Tigers Tom Jones and George Mullin. One clothing or drycleaning ticket for $2.50 at B. Herman, Seattle, Wash. There is Harrison’s pencil writing under Sidelights on and one of the transfer tickets.
62 – Blank with ghosting from next page.
63 – One newspaper clipping of Pittsburg and Cubs series at a 2 to 2 tie with next starters being Donovan/Schmidt for Detroit at Pittsburg park. Newspaper clipping of photo of Stanage, ‘whose hit scored Detroit’s first two runs.”
64 – 68 – Blank. 67 – 68 detached.
69 – Red in in Harrison’s style, “Parang PI Dear girl if afford me?”
70 – 96 – Blank. 74-75 – Mirrored ghosting of rectangular shape; probably newspaper clippings. 77 – Impression of text; unable to decipher.
97 – 98 – Missing.
99 – One postcard Moro Village Mindanao P.I.. Some paper loss.
100 – One postcard Presbyterian Church Manila, P.I. “Presbyterian Church of Manila year of – 1909”. One postcard Santa Tomas Place Cathedral in Back Ground Manila P.I. “Santa Toma place Cathedral in back ground Manila PI 1909”. One postcard Methodist Church Manila, P.I. “Methodist Church Manila PI year of 1909”. note: 2 inch vertical tear on Harrison’s writing for Methodist postcard.
101 – One postcard Greetings from Carterville Ills. One postcard Main Street (N.) Sackets Harbor, N.Y. “Main street of north Sackett Harbor Ny Town near Madison Barracks Station one Batalion 24 Infy I? KLM? From 1907. Below this postcard is another writing “Presented by Thomas & Trower Madison Barracks NY Oct 22d-09”.
102 – 109 – Blank.
110 – PICTURED. One very detailed postcard sized print of beautiful Japanese woman with writing on card “Japanese Lady of Nagasaki Japan Sept 8th 1908” (note: damaged to upper middle top). Photo print clipping of three American songsters? Three cardboard clippings of Spalding baseball including picture of A.G. Spalding; above is “Playball at bat”. Typed poem which will be written below. Writing “Prince of Poetry of Post of Parang PI Baseball League 25 US Infantry Co teams 4 series of games.” note: 2 inch tears above and below this note. One photo print postcard of Standard Oil Co., Ruins After Explosion Sept. 21, 1906 with handwritten note “I hope cholera will not get you I see the papers state is in Manila, send me a pretty ring for Xmas, so with much love your Sis. Ida Hinnbush”. One baseball clipping of Charles Schmidt a Detroit Tiger “holding out”. The poem is typed as follows:

Parang M ind. P.I.
Oct. 20th 19-08

The band came down like the wolf on the fold
with noble intentions in debths of their souls;
they feared no one living that beautiful day
and the first team they attacted was Company “A”.

At 2 in the evening the players lined up
as if they were playing for a golden cup;
and the Band thought doubtless by having the outs
that with “A” Company they would hae theirown routes.

Most of their playing was with Harris in the box
who made whistle through the air like rocks;
hard straights,out,curves,an in curve and a drop
and they all yelled out Company “A” is a sop.

But all of a sudden their courage went down
as “A” Company players were gaining much ground;
this was surprising,-but we all di see
that “A” Company got 5 and the Band only 3.

111 – PICTURED. Two photo print clippings of 38 caucasian American songsters and one listed clipping of the 38 as an index. Some names include Pryor, Lloyd, Lauder. Below Harrison writes “A few of our American list songster.” One song apparently printed in ink and Harrison writes “James Harrison Co D 25 Infantry” on bottom. James Harrison can be seen through on top verso. The song is printed as follows:


“What are the bules blowing for?”The Sergeant-Major said
“Is it Guard-mount or Reveille or is it Dress-Parade?”
Oh Cooke he says its ten o’clock, and Wilson says its six
And Eastman says “well I’ll be dogged – we ‘re in an awful fix”


Aint that a shame, a measly shame,
That old clock ‘s doing some “stunts” again;
It took up the “Ragtime” ’till we all missed Drill time
But you bet your bottom dollar, we never missed “Chow-time”

Oh Turner says why go to bed when officer of the day?
You hardly get your winkers closed when there goes Reveille.
And Young, he says “Lock up that clock, its gained twelve hours this day
When I got up this morning I found ’twas yeserday”

Oh what is Reedy sprinting for acoming down the line?
All out of breath he gasps it out-“I’m trying to make up time”
“Its Reveille” Saleeby thought as he rolled out of bed,
But strange to say to his dismay-they played Sick-call instead.

Oh Wade he left his happy home to go to morning drill
And heard the bugles blowing for “Tattoo” upon the hill
When along came Captain Helmick he was followed close by “Taps”
All this at Cottabato by official time – perhaps.-

Cottabato, Mindanao

signed in ink “James Harrison Co D 25 Infantry”

note: On the Trail of the Buffalo Soldier II lists a Frank Eastman under Phillipines (general, i.e. not a specific city as some soldiers are noted). I had a chance to briefly review this book and although the book does not list every Buffalo Soldier, it is very valuable. A more detailed analysis may identify some of the names with the city listings. No Cooke listed but three Cooks, Isaiah, Julius, and Samuel. William Turner and William A. Turner listed. Four with the last name Young: Charles, Douglass, John W., and Roman. Reedy may be a nickname. Cosley and George Reed listed. Photograph has name Reed listed as does signed card. It is interesting to see the lyric “Aint that a shame.” This song may have been grammatically edited based on comparing the grammar with Harrison’s other writings.

112 – Two photo print clippings (probably magazine) of two boxers. Harrison writes “Some of the world cleverst face smasher”. One – Packey M’Farland Chicago Boxer who has beaten many a good scrapper with “no 4” written on picture. Two – Tommy Burns with Tommy Burns cut out text applied. “no 7” written on picture. Stamped Property of Company D 25th Infantry.
113 – Four photo print clippings (probably magazine) of four boxers. Harrison writes “no 3 Joe Trixxx? JR ditto 5 Jack Johnson ditto 6 James J jeffries ditto 8 Joe Jeannette”. One – Jack Johnson with Jack Johnson cut out text applied. “no 5” written on picture and partial stamp of Property of Company D 25th Infantry. Two – James J. Jeffries with James J. Jeffries cut out text applied. “no 6” written on picture. Three – Joe Jeannette with Joe Jeannette, A cut out text applied. “no 8” written on picture and partial stamp of Property of Company D 25th Infantry. Four – Young Joe Grim. The 118-pound Bootblack Boxer of Reading, PA., who challenges at weight. “no 3” written on picture and stamped Property of Company D 25th Infantry.
114 – Two photo print clippings (probably magazine) of two boxers. One – Marvin Hart with Marvin Hart cut out text applied and partial stamp of Property of Company D 25th Infantry. Two – Jack Sullivan? and stamped Property of Company D 25th Infantry. Harrison writes “Jack Twin? Sullivin” and “Theodore Roosevelt” in pencil to left.
115 – 118 – Blank.
119 – Two photo print clippings. One – “Sports at Camp Columbia, CUBA” picturing tug of war. Two – “Soldiers Off Duty-Regulars at Jefferson Barracks, MO., Lounging Around a Captured Spanish Cannon.”–E. Lankkopf, Missouri.
120 – PICTURED. One photo print clipping titled “Next” showing shaving of soldier with signed posted of Camp Barber Shop. Above Harrison writes “16 US Infantry in Camp xxxx? on the field”. One print clipping of Adam Albrecht, Count Von Neipperg, “who became the Morganatic husband of Marie Louise after Napoleon’s death. One apparent postcard with caucasian children picking peaches or oranges. One photo print clipping of “The new American-built Russian battleship “Retvizan,” the swiftest vessel of her class afloat.” Eleven cigar stickers.
121 – PICTURED. One printed ink song attributed to James O. Harrison which will be written below. Two target score cards for Harrison – First with Co. “D” “25” Regt. “Harrison Slow Fire.” Score of “17” written. Targets made by Sub-Target Gun Company 216 High St., Boston, Mass. Second with Co. and Regt. blank and “Harrison J RF?” (probably rapid fire) written below. Score of “13” written. One original photograph featuring eight Buffalo Soldiers measuring approximately 3 1/4 x 4 1/2 inches. An adjacent postcard overlaps this photograph. It is likely that this may be a real photo postcard (RPPC). Ink written number 1 through 8 in Harrison’s style appear at either feet or head. Below photograph in ink (to the right of a 2 inch vertical tear at binding and precarious fold over) is as follows: “no 1 Reed ditto 2 Franklin ditto 3 Jordon ditto 4 Conley ditto 5 W?/N?ickliff ditto 6 Mulford”. note: Charles Mulford is listed in Philippines (general) section of On the Trail of the Buffalo Soldier II . One signed card signed “…Reed” in caligraphic script and in Harrison’s style the “no 1” and “no 7 Hudson” and “no 8 Walton”. One postcard postmarked on the front Nov 4 3 PM 1908 and L.? P.I.; can’t decipher the rest; at top reads Barracks, New York, with one of the targets overlapping this postcard. Handwritten on front “Just think when I was down in? Dear old mind the rain fell eving? But hear old jack frost comes out? and a while But two months from now the aire will be white with snow I hear that the 25 was going to stay over there four years xxxx? Does xxx? if that is my xxxxxx Inst? xx? For? 29? (maybe 19)Co K PH? Inf Madison BR? Sackets Harbor NY.” One cigar sticker. Two one inch horizontal tears lower third left. The song is as follows:

In the isle of Mindanao, where the Moros carry knives,
In the tropic country, where we spend our happy lives,
‘T’ was so very peaceful, that we brought along our wives,
Just across the bay from Zamboanga.
Here the lazy Moro lives, and rises with the sun
Never does a lick of work, until the day is done,
When he reaches for his Kris, you better pull your gun
Just across the bay from Zamboanga.
We’ve a regimental mess, thats’ where we go for chow,
We live like fighting cocks, it doesn’t matter how,
Three days we have some chicken the fourth day caribout
Just across the bay from Zamboanga.
You may think these fairy tales, but we swear they’re are facts
We huddled up together, in our little nipa sacks,
And have to hang our clothing up, to cover up the cracks,
Just across the bay from Zamboanga.
Parang, Parang, that’s just the place for me,
Parang, Parang, thats just where I would be
The mountains are behind us, in front of us, the sea.
Just across the bay from Zamboanga.

122 – PICTURED. One blue ink poem titled “Parker at the Bat” attributed to James O. Harrison which is a modified version of Casey at the Bat (By Ernest Lawrence Thayer taken From the San Francisco Examiner – June 3, 1888). The version is not materially changed but the most important information about this is the players names. There is Parker, Heavy, and Jasper (pitcher). Jacques Jasper was a very successful pitcher for the 25th and is mentioned playing with the great Rogan in Honolulu. CAPS indicates Mr. Harrison’s variation.

The score stood TWO to SIX, with AN ENNING LEFT to play,
SO when JACKSON died at SECOND, and MASON did the same,
A PALLER WREATHED THE FEATURES OF the patrons of the game.

A stragling few got up to go, LEAVING THERE the rest
WITH that hope THAT springs eternal WITHin the human brest,
FOR they thought if only PARKER could but get a whack at that,
THEY WOULD put up even money now with PARKER at the bat.

And the former was a POODLING AND the latter was APACK,
So ON that stricken mulitude A DEATH LIKE SILENCE sat,
For there seemed but little chance of PARKER getting to the bat.

But HEAVY let drive a single to the wonderment of all,
And the much despised JACK, tore the cover off the ball.
And when the dust had lifteR, and THEY saw what had occurred,
There was JACK safe at second, and HEAVY HUGING tRird.

It rumble IN the MOUNTAIN TOPS, it rattled in the dell,
It STRUCK UPon the HILDSIDE and REBOUNDED on the flat,

There was ease in PARKRERS manner as he stepTed into his place,
There was pride in PARKERS bearingS and a smile ON PARKERS face.
And when responding to the cheers,he lightly dofed his hat,

FIVE HUNDRED eyes (eyes WRITTEN) WAS on him as he rubed his hands IN dirt,
Five HUNDRED tongues applauded when he wiped them on his shirt.
Then while the pitcher JASPER ground the ball into his hip,
Defiance GLEAMED in PARKERS eye a sneer curled PARKERS lip.

And now the leather cover sphere COMES hurling through the air,
And PARKER stood watching it in haughtER grander there,
Close TO the sturdy batsman the ball Enheeded sped,
That NOT my stIle said PARKER, Strike 1 the umpire said.

From the benches,black with people went up a mufled roar,
Like the beating of storm waves on a stern and distant shore,
Kill him Kill the umpire shouted some one on the stand,
And it likely thAy hav’eD killed him, had not PARKER raised his hand.

With a smile of Christian charity great PARKERS viSsage shoRn,
He stilled the risEing tumult he bade the game go on,
He signaled sir Green, once more the sphROID flew,
But PARKER stil ignored it, and the umpire CRIED xtriCk two.

Fraud cried the madden HUNDRED and echo answered fraud,
But one scornful look from PARKER and the audience was aUed.
They saw his face grow stern and cold, they saw his musSes strain,
And they knew that PARKER wouldnOt let that ball go by again.

The sneer IS GONE from PARKERS lip, HIS teeth IS clenched in H hate,
He pounds with cruel violence his bat upon the plate,
And the pitcher holds the ball, and now he lets it go,
And now the air is shatered by the force of PARKERS blow.

O” somewhere in this favored land the sOn is shining bright,
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts IS light,
And somewhere men are laughing and SOMEWHERE children shout,
But there no joy in MALABANG, mighty PARKER has struck out.

123 – PICTURED. One caucasian woman swimsuit pinup postcard. One photo print clipping of the four sons of Teddy Roosevelt. One photo print cutout of Military family genre titled “Rest!” and another titled “Load!”. Lower third right center 3/4 inch horizontal tear.
124 – 149 – Blank. note: 149/150 is complete detached page. See 150.
150 – PICTURED. The last entry in the book is James O. Harrison’s concluding narrative. In ink as follows:

“Oct 6th-09 To Whom It may consern Pvt James Harrison Co D 25 US Infy Rgt Completed a tour of two years duty as a soldier in the US Army Staion and served in the Philipines Islad at Parang Mind Seven hundred and fifty miles south of Manila PI Island of Luzon The 25 Infy Regt in witch he is serving was relieve on Sept 1th-09 and sail for Zamboangpa arrived Sept 7th taken on four companys and Band 25 Infy head Quaters and Command sail on eavening of 7th for Manila arrived in Manila Sept 9th lay over in with? Manila unitl eavening of 10th sail for Vuartine? station 3 hours run and arrive a 3 oclock sailing for Nagasaki japan on next day Sept 11th at noon 5 days at sea weather bad arrive Nagasaki on Sept 16th stop over Two days and departed for Seattle Wash. on the 18 Inst? Weather condition for two weeks bad on the 8 day from Japan past Island near Nome Alaska 2 thousand miles from Seattle 2 hundred miles from Nome 3 thousand miles from Japan Arrive Seattle on Oct 5-09 departed from Transport Sheridan and taken station Fort Lawton Wash on same Inst Total time? between Parang PI? Island of Mindinao and Seattle Wash Twenty five days and 8 hours In witch four days 18 hours Wash? consume? for stop over Condition of weather bad for twenty two days and 9 hours

Respectfully Yours
James Harrison
Co D 25 Infantry US Army”

151-152 – Blank. (PICTURED – 151)
Unnumbered Page – Blank.
Last Unnumbered Page – Signed

“James Harrison
Co D 25 Infantry
Parang Mind PI
May 12th 1909
James Harrison
Carbondale ILL
James Harrison
Seattle Wash”

Hardcover page – Caligraphic script signed “James Harrison Co D 25th Infy Parang Mind PI”